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In cases where foreclosure may not be the best option or is unavailable, lenders may seek to secure a judgment against the borrower on the basis of the note and then attempt to collect on such a judgment.
Activist Legal and our local counsel provide the following collection services: Suits on the Note, Writ of Garnishment, and Writ of Attachment.
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This is an action to obtain a judgment on a promissory note. This action can be employed as an alternative to foreclosure. It is generally employed if there is a defect with the secured instrument or the collateral has been lost. Activist Legal can work with local counsel to obtain the proper documentation and evidence necessary to file an action to collect on the note and obtain a judgment.

Once judgment has been obtained on the lender’s note and depending on the statutory remedies available in the jurisdiction where the borrower resides, a writ of garnishment can be obtained on a lender’s judgment against a borrower’s wages.  Activist Legal and our local counsel can help determine if this is an available and appropriate remedy.

After judgment has been obtained, a judgment holder can seek to attach assets of a borrower by obtaining a Writ of Attachment. Activist Legal and local counsel can help determine if an attachment is a viable remedy and file a Writ of Attachment, if appropriate.

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