Jorge Newbery  |  Founder & Partner

Jorge Newbery is a licensed real estate broker who brings more than 29 years of mortgage and real estate experience as a professional consultant and partner to Activist Legal LLP. He is also Chairman of AHP Servicing LLC, a national default mortgage servicer, and American Homeowner Preservation LLC, a purchaser of non-performing mortgages. A 2004 natural disaster triggered the financial collapse of Newbery’s former business, leaving him $26 million in debt.
Today, Newbery shares what he learned from his challenges to help devise strategies to help debtors and creditors achieve positive resolutions. Jorge Newbery is not a lawyer.

“When I tripped, I would get back up, fix the trip hazard, and keep on running.” – Jorge Newbery

“To change a country, we need the support of everyone, sharing in the mission, rich or poor.” -Jorge Newbery

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